PETS – Friendly and Wonderful Additions in the Home

Pet are known to be adorable companions within the home. The choice of pet(s) in any home is majorly down to the fondness people have for the pet in their possession- moreover, no one would want to live with a creature he does not like, anyway. Among the most common ones are dogs and cats. These ‘little ones’ have, in some cases, shown themselves to be man’s best friend(s) and this friendship is not just in words alone- but also indeed.

We have, at some point in the past, heard or read about the heroics of some dogs that act as ‘protector’ of the owners and their family. Coupled with this, there have been cases where these pets get so emotionally drawn to their owners and have sometimes brought the attention of a world- which is falling in love- to a love story that seems unbreakable. There’s a whole lot to learn from these little creatures.

And before you start thinking that only creatures in the mode of cats and dogs qualify as pets; you have got to see how some persons keep animals generally considered as ‘wild’ or ‘monstrous’ as pets- remember all you need to have a particular type of pet is fondness. So, you can be fond of a tiger or better still, a lion; moreover, elephants are greatly adored in India.

Dogs as pets

Man’s best friends as they are widely regarded, are known to be very loyal kind of creature that give so much more than being a mere pet. Hostile to a stranger but friendly to its charmer, dogs are affectionate pets to have in- and around- the home. Plus, their playfulness makes them creatures that add some colors to life. Again, studies have shown that dogs make their owners healthier, happier and even richer. So, why shouldn’t you care for a Chihuahua or maybe a German Shepherd?

Cats as pets

Cats which could qualify as the ‘celebrity pets’, I will like to term them, are the most populous pet population in the U.S. And with the fluffy nature of their fur leaving one with something to fondle; one can be assured of having a gentle friend to play with around. In fact, there are a couple of cat caf├ęs in Japan where customers go in to eat and also play with cats.

Fish as a pet

Maybe all you need around your home is an aquatic splendor than having a goldfish in an aquarium should ensure that urge is well satisfied. Fish might not appear as a physical companion as the dogs and cats but still, add color in some unique ways. Besides, keeping a fish as a pet is much easier- and probably economical- than any other pet.

Birds as pets

The chirping sounds you seldom hear from the forest could be appealing to you. With this in mind, you might want to settle for a cockatiel or a macaw or a parrotFriendly in order to recreate the harmonious interplay of the silence of your immediate environment and your pet friend. Birds are indeed yet another wonderful set of pets to have within your property.

Pets have most certainly become a part of man’s family and for this sole reason, so many resources are usually expended for their well-being- from feeds to veterinary care given to them. And considering the closeness and the role these ‘little ones’ occasionally play in the home, I believe these spendings are really justified…Besides, what can you not do for a friend that sticks sometimes better than a friend?